Sunday, August 23, 2009


My little boy is growing up.

C.C. starts school tomorrow and all week we have been talking about it and getting him ready for his first day. I have been so busy I haven't had much time to actually think about it much until now. I have grown to cherish the few minutes at night when they are all in bed and the house is quiet. It gives me a moment to reflect and breath.

With C.C. starting school it has made me first feel old, and second ponder the purpose of being a parent. When I think about it, the responsibilty is overwhelming and makes me feel so inadequate. All my life I have heard people tell me that time goes by quicker every year and I am seeing this more everyday. I can't believe at times how our little ones are growing yet I don't feel any different. Ok, maybe a little.

I can't believe that William is starting college at BYU this week, that Ian and Aaron are behind the wheel of a moving vehicle.

So many things boggle my mind if I stop to think about them. Our little family is growing bigger and growing up. I think it should remind us all how important it is to stay close and in touch with one another as things change so quickly.

I had a moment to go on a short drive today with my dad and as he told me stories I couldn't help but think of how quick life goes by for us all. Resolve the things we must today as it might be much more difficult later. Appreciate life, our time, and each other.


  1. I agree. Time is too short. I cannot believe how old we all are. What happened to our bald little brother who ran around crazy? Hard to believe he is a daddy.

  2. First of all I can't believe you made a graph...ha ha, that shows you are old:) Time is going so fast, my youngest is almost 1 and I am still....25:) Your a great dad and even though time goes fast there are so wonderful moments ahead for you!lv ya